Multi Camera Live Streaming Production

We Are Multi-Camera Live Streaming Event Experts

For Business Conferences, Schools and Churches

We are producers of Multi Camera Live Streaming Production Events in the South Florida, Miami area. We have been producing Multi Camera events for the past 25 years, working with companies large and small producing professional engaging multi-camera video content for both Live and through internet Streaming Video events. We produce content such as; educational videos, professional tutorials, training videos and seminar for companies large and small. We also work for most niche industry markets that may require Live and Recorded video streaming with Multi-Camera productions.

When it comes to Multi-Camera Productions our goal is to produce great quality video productions with professional results. We aim at creating education entertainment video-visual event through the creative use of multi-camera selection and production; creating an entertaining visual show that both your Live or Virtual viewers may enjoy watching.

And as a national ministry, we also train, teach and equip Churches on how to set-up their own Multi-Camera Production System at their own church, and we also provide all the guidance and information required on how to set-up a 2, 3 or 4 or camera system connected to a Pro Video Switcher with all the gear required to Go Live through Video Streaming. And we are always here to help!.

We Can Also Edit The Entire video Stream!

Once all the Multi-Cameras have been Switched and a Master Show Video has been Recorded and completed, we are then able to Edit all the Event Video/s into: 30 Minutes or 60 Minutes - One Hour Segments. It usually takes a week or two to complete the entire editing process. And when completed, we'll provide you with a finish Edited Master video ready to upload on Youtube, your Website or on Social Media.

Go Live and Stream Online!

We also offer the ability to have your Multi-Camera Video Seminar or Program presentation to be Streamed Live Online through Zoom, Facebook or Youtube. We provide all the Video Production Gear and all the Technical Expertise, hook-up and connections to Stream Live on Zoom, Facebook or Youtube.

Your Event Video will Look and Feel Professional

Whether you select to have a Two (2), (3) or (4) cameras or more. We will provide you with a professional video Camera Packag depending on what your needs are. Give us a Call for Rates!

Give us a call for your next Upcoming Live Event!

We have several Multi-Camera packages to choose from. We will also provide you an Audio Production Team with Event Pro Speakers, and an experience Video and Audio Event Tech. Give us a Call for Rates!

We Are Also Consultants in Multi-Camera Live Streaming For: Seminars, Schools and Church Events

Contact us first, fill out our Contact Form or Email Us @: and provide us information about your next upcoming Multi-Camera Live Streaming Event!

We used top of the line Panasonic DSLR Camera, Top Notch Video Switchers and We Record and Stream Live in HD 1080p. The Internet streaming quality depends on how fast is the Internet Speed at the venue you've selected. Please keep in mind, that each Venue is different and you should always try to get the fastest Internet possible for best Live streaming results.

We will always strive to make your videos look amazing, to the Best of our abilities!

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